School Re-opens

Pluto is 5.9 billion kms away from the Sun, you tell me
And Jupiter has 67 moons….
Bugatti Veyron, Antonovs, Kawasaki Ninjas, Royal Enfield’s, Spitfire
are among your list of things ‘awesome ‘.
Space, Machines, How, What, When, Encyclopedias replace Thomas,
Pepper, Ladybird Classics on your bookshelf……
Lego is the new found friend and keeps you busy for hours
And as you complete yet another round of 940 million kms of distance
around the Sun my boy
Amongst rotation and revolution in your universe,
As long as…………….
You understand that one can be hurt and yet not physically
You still wonder about that small boy in ‘Tears in Heaven’
You pause and enjoy the melody of life in your favorite rock songs
And squirm at the killing of an ant ……
When time stands still the moment you have a new book in your hands
I know that schooling is not interfering with your education ……..

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