Mom ..How was your day ?

24 hours get divided neatly into slabs of 12, 8 and 4, as clocks align themselves to a new GMT,

Chosen books on the bed side table, humbly step back for milk bottles and warm water thermos .

Furniture, indoor plants and wall paintings become more flexible and tolerant of a crawling asymmetry,

As convenience makes way like a stream of water, gently rearranging our heart and homes…..

Time is measured and celebrated in milestones,

Hint of a smile, a naughty glance, a brave incoherent attempt to knit a few words is enough,

To forget the fatigue bought over by sleepless nights as days surrender to a tireless routine.

And when those tiny baby feet reluctantly touch the floor for the first time,

You can feel their thumping on your heart ……

Back from your day’s work, while you know that all that awaits you are two eager overstretched arms with a toothless grin, you still go ahead ,smile,check the boxes and ask ….

“What did you do, what did you eat, how was your day?”

And just as the caterpillar makes way for the cocoon and cocoon turns into a butterfly ,

Between 4 hour nappy changes, adding just the right amount of water to get the perfect consistency of that first solid bite,

A few years later ……………….

While you are hurriedly wrapping up the must do’s, negotiating music lessons,swimming and homework with the evening, rushing back from work,

 Walk into your home,

The little one who took all the room in your heart ,makes some for you in his,

As he looks at you lovingly and asks –   “Mumma  How was YOUR day?”


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