Mirror mirror on the wall


Mirror Mirror on the wall

Tell us of a machine that will measure all,

Determination, self-discipline, passion and willpower,

Perhaps a meter to clock all this and yes, by the hour,


That glint in the eye of my friend when she tells me that she exceeded her deadlift limit today

Or the one who reined in her sugar temptations just in time and refused to go astray


She did not surrender when the ground beneath her feet was burning

Instead pulled herself up, completed that extra mile, determined to soothe that yearning


Or tenacity of the one who defies her comfort zones on the yoga mat

Pushes not only her body but her mind too, a best alignment at that


Do you know of a measuring tape that measures not only a women’s waist, but also the lengths to which she can go,

Challenging her grit, power, endurance and of course status quo


Or a weighing machine that can weigh her ambition too,

Her focus, dedication and the spirit to out do


Mirror Mirror on the wall

Maybe we don’t need an answer from you after all

For now let us choose to get defined by the things we cannot see,

Won’t that the truest definition of beauty be ……




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