School Re-opens

Pluto is 5.9 billion kms away from the Sun, you tell me And Jupiter has 67 moons…. Bugatti Veyron, Antonovs, Kawasaki Ninjas, Royal Enfield’s, Spitfire are among your list of things ‘awesome ‘. Space, Machines, How, What, When, Encyclopedias replace Thomas, Pepper, Ladybird Classics on your bookshelf…… Lego is the new found friend and keeps …

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Mirror mirror on the wall

  Mirror Mirror on the wall Tell us of a machine that will measure all, Determination, self-discipline, passion and willpower, Perhaps a meter to clock all this and yes, by the hour,   That glint in the eye of my friend when she tells me that she exceeded her deadlift limit today Or the one …

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