Happy Birthday Son

As you enter the second decade of your life my boy,
I wonder what my wish for you should be,
May you nurture the gifts bestowed on you, yet be humble and stand tall like a shaded tree.
And as you gather your laurels & medals or even miss them at times, as it may be,
May you know that it’s the labor which counts and not the fruit, for that’s not for us to foresee.
Life will unveil itself in many ways and it may not always be fine,
May you know that some of the problems untangle themselves if you just give them some time
May you choose kindness over everything else as it will never put you in the wrong,
May you not be judgmental of anyone, for like you, everyone is entitled to their own song.
May you always feel restless, if things around you are unjust and not right,
And have the urge to set them straight; stand up and put a fight .
May you always be caring for the young and respectful of the old ,
Hold the door for a lady and offer her a seat untold.
And someday down the aisle of time, with these little moments of truth fleeing,
A mother’s heart will know that not only has she raised a gentleman ,
but also a fine human being…….







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