Domestic Help -a reference check


She silently watches your life unfold day after day from the aisle,

Sometimes adding a dash of extra spice to entice your taste buds and your thoughts,

Or holding that tea bag a minute too long, for she knows you have had a long day…

Or Cleaning, dusting, mopping your home and arranging cupboards,

As if she were rearranging your fears, apprehensions and insecurities,

Sorting them out in neat piles, making it easy for you to pick, keep or discard, just by peeping in ……

She stiches the fabric of your home just in time,

Nothing spills over, milk included.

She knows the right temperature to settle the curd.

And also you,

That you keep repeating the same color of the nail polish and hoard them even, in your vanity case ,

Or that pouch which has seashells, an old pen and 2 tickets of a movie watched ages ago, safely tucked away at the back of your drawer,

The pair of jeans you vowed never to part with and you know you will grow into them soon,

These little things that make you, but never make it to your resume .

And so if life were ever to ask you to provide a reference check,

Do gladly give her name,

For many may have seen you braving the challenges, but she has seen you surviving the ordinary,

As she silently watches your life unfold day after day from the aisle…..






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